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Týr needed some time to get his Mind clear about everything that happened since he was back and he took his time. One Problem after another and he would try to stay objective with everything. He was about to visit Sigyn, talking about the competition and her view about that. Cause yes, he wanted to win and to gain her Hand but he also wanted to know her feelings. He was still full with jealousy but since either fenrir or Sigyn gave him a direct answer he still had no Place on the chessboard. But to be honest, he would not give in as long there’s a tiny chance for him to gain her heart. She was sweet around him and he hoped that meant something. He knocked at her door when he reached her chamber, looking down to check his clothes. He had no idea why he choose his best combination of asgardian clothes. Okay yes he knew he looked good in it and yes he wanted to impress her. 

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